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Line Stopping and Pipeline Plugging Services

Linestop Procedures Linestop Procedures:

A. Hottap on the line is previously made, the linestop machine is attached to temporary valve and the valve is opened. Linestop is hydraulically or mechanically pushed into line to plug the pipe.

B. There are various types of line stopping heads. The type illustrated in the picture on the left can hold pressures ranging through 1000 psi. A single linestop can be used to temporarily stop and abandon a pipeline.

C. Two or more linestops can be used in conjunction to isolate and bypass many intersecting lines at once. Fluid in the line is bypassed, leaving a workable dead section, in which, alterations, repairs, or valve additions can be achieved, while service provided by the line is continued.

D. When the required work is completed, and the linestop is to be removed; completion machines are installed onto the temporary valves. An IFT completion plug is installed into the outlet flange of the linestop fitting. This allows the linestop machines and temporary valves to be removed. A blind flange is usually installed to finished the linestop operation.

Advanced Linestop Services

Pipeline linestops isolate a section of pipe, stopping its flow. IFT provides the most advanced linestop services available today! Sizes from 1/2" - 72" on any type of pipeline. Indoor linestops require various types of line stopping equipment and folding heads for tight inaccessible areas. IFT is the leader for indoor pipeline services. We can perform pipeline plug services on steam systems, air lines, chemical lines and chilled water systems anywhere, any time. Changes to your manufacturing plant and piping systems can be solved without an outage. Pressures through 500 psi and temperatures through 500 deg. F.

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In Carson California, We Line stopped two 54 inch steel concrete pipe with 150 PSI. 48inch linestop through a 36 inch hottap 24 in angle linestop in Sewage Water Treatment Plant in Temecula CA
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