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IFT Featured California Job

18" Linestop Carbon Steel Services

Job Status: Successful Linestops and Completion Plug Installed with Blind Flange.
Job Date: March 10, 2014
Location: Qualcomm, San Diego, CA
Job Specifics:
Item I - 18" Linestop- Carbon Steel
1 - 18" Linestop fitting for Carbon steel condenser water under 150PSI
1 -Welding of fitting by others
1 - Pressure test
1 - 18" Linestop held for up to 6 hours while you perform pipeline modifications
1 - Removal linestop and installation completion plug with cap
1 -Blow-off assembly if required

Images at Job:
  • 2 Inch Hottap for the Linestop Pressure Blow OffThe pressure in the linestop must be equalized within the pipeline main so IFT performs a 2inch hot tap prior to line stopping the pipeline. by v8.6m

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