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Hot Tapping Procedures and Tapping Angles

Hot Tap Procedures:

A. Hot Tap Saddle or weld nozzle installed, valve installed, assembly is pressure tested and hot tap machine attached.

B. Valve opened, hot tap completed, coupon or cut portion retained by latches on pilot drill. Pressure is contained within the hot tapping machine.

C. Cutter and coupon retracted and valve closed. Fluid is drained and hot tapping machine is removed. The tapped valve is now ready for the contractor’s tie-in or IFT’s linestop/stopple equipment to be inserted.

Typical Pipeline Hot Tap Angles:

Straight Tap, Angle Tap and Elbow Tap

Adding new connections or tie-ins

Adding branch connections to existing pipelines without interrupting service is our specialty. Capabilities: 1/2" - 96" on water, gas, steam, air, and chemicals. Available for any type of pipe, with complete turn-key service available. IFT specializes in large diameter pipeline connections.

Hot tap, wet tap, pressure tapping, hot tapping, line tap are various words used to describe our services and methods of making a connection, tying into, existing pipe or vessels without interrupting the system. Pipeline hot taps are also the first procedure in lines stops/stopples, where the hole saw is used to make an opening in the pipe, so a line linestop/stopple can be inserted. IFT's hot tap services include tapping 1/2" to 96" on natural gas, water, sewage, steam, petroleum products, chemicals, walls, tanks, vessels and providing long lasting branch connections.

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  • 36 inch hottap for a 54inch linestop with coupon retained
54inch hottap with coupon retained Long Beach California Hottaps and Line Stops Pipe Hottap Services Pipeline hot wet pressure tapping Bonnet getting bolted in place for hottap machine Hot tap machine attached to bonnet for tap Large Coupon Retained from a 42inch hottap Vertical Hottap in a hospital Hot Tap finished and pipeline connection underway Hottap through a Square Flage Valve 45 degree angle hottap Back rear angle of the 45 degree hottap Bonnets that isolate flow before valve installation 45 degree branch connection with completion plug 48inch epoxy coated full wrap tapping sleeve Large hot tapping machine high up in the air completing a hot tap Huge hot tapping machine ready to travel to construction site 96inch CMLC pipe with a 12inch hottap IFT crain lifting the epoxy coated hottap sleeve to pipeline Big hottaps in tight locations Hottap prepfor a pipeline plug stop STHS Carbide Cutter with Pilot Drill Catching Coupon Hot Tap Large Diameter CMLC Pipe
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The slideshow displays images of a first of its kind, a 102" x 42" hottap, without leaving a permanent valve. Once the hot tap was made the Dylan Swedge Valve™ was closed. Our Swedge Valve tie in was in place for 4 months until the pipeline was completed. Lastly, the Dylan Bonnet and Gate were removed leaving a butterfly valve approximately one mile downstream from the connection. The slideshow also highlights other large successful we have completed in the past.

36 Inch Hottap for a 48inch Linestop 48 Hottap on a sewage concrete holding take 12inch Team Occlude Insert Valve install by IFT
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